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Culture Promotion Network

Inter Cultural Education

It is our pleasure to establish partnership with Inter Cultural Education (ICE), an organization aiming to “discover and develop individuals’ cross-cultural competencies to shape a global society”.

Founded in 2009, ICE has brought intercultural experiences to youth in Hong Kong through various school programs. Their expertise in providing intercultural education to youth is of great value, and we are very excited to be learning from them.

Both ICE & LECPA share the same goal too, to promote cross-cultural dialogues and eliminate stereotypes towards people of different cultural backgrounds. We are looking forward to working on projects together in the future!

Community Strengthening Network

believe &more

It is our pleasure to establish partnership with believe &more, the first co-living space in Macau.

believe &more presents a modern housing concept in Macau, where individuals of similar values and interests could come together to live, work and play. We love how believe &more strives to create a welcoming and harmonious communal space!

Both believe &more and LECPA share the similar vision, to create a close-knit community through providing an interactive environment for people of different cultural backgrounds to socialize and get to know each other.

We are looking forward to working on projects with them in the future!

Community Strengthening Network

It is our pleasure to establish partnership with Associação dos Jovens Macaenses, a non-profit aiming at promoting Macanese customs, tradition, language and culture, and strengthen ties between the youths of Macanese diaspora and China and Portuguese speaking countries.

Both AJM & LECPA share the goal of raising awareness of the importance of multilingualism, and fostering exchange and dialogues between different communities. We are looking forward to working on culture promotion projects and community strengthening events with AJM in the near future!

Language Learning Network

LITS Languages & IT Services

It is our pleasure to establish partnership with Languages & IT Services (LITS), which has been providing language translation services to customers in various fields, since its establishment in 2012.

LITS also provides high-quality language training services for local and global markets, including tailor-made language training programs meeting the needs of enterprises and students. LITS mainly provide online and offline training courses in Cantonese, Mandarin, Portuguese, English, translation and interpretation.

By establishing partnership with LITS, we want to further promote language learning. Both LITS & LECPA share the goal of promoting language & culture at the same time, as the 2 things go hand in hand when one wants to speak a foreign language well and understand foreign culture better. We are looking forward to working on language & culture promotion projects with LITS in the near future!

Language Learning Network

Mok In Education

Mok In Education has been committed to the promotion of Korean language and Korean culture since 2020. It aims to promote high-quality language teaching and develop students' potential, skills and cultural literacy. The center is committed to providing suitable teaching methods for students of different ages, and formulating various types of courses according to the needs and learning progress of students, so as to meet the requirements of different students, provide a comfortable learning environment, and provide a professional platform for students learning Korean.

By establishing partnership with Mok In, we want to further promote language learning. Both Mok In & LECPA strive to discover ways to engage more people in learning languages easily.

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Community Strengthening Network

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Received by Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, the Director of the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO)


Received by Jorge A. H. Rangel, President of the International Institute of Macau


Due to the work of the LECPA, Un Wa Lok, President of LECPA, has been selected to be a member of the UNESCO SDG4 Youth and Student Network (and invited to attend the United Nations Transforming Education Summit in 2022),


and one of the 35 Obama Leaders Asia-Pacific in 2023.

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