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Happiness in Multiculturalism (H.i.M.) Campaign 

Released on Dec 18th (International Migrants Day), 2020


On this day, we acknowledge the challenges migrants are facing around the globe, and cherish the social and economic benefits they bring to destination societies. Migration has brought diverse cultures to our front door!

In Macao, we have foreign workers who migrated here to help us build a better society. Some of them contribute to the professional areas, allowing us to broaden our visions and train local talents. Some of them take off childcare and household responsibilities from parents, so that many families could benefit from a dual income, and women’s status got to be improved. Some of them take on the 3D (Dirty, Dangerous, Difficult) jobs to fill in the labour gap in our society. Yet sometimes, we hold bias towards them because we haven’t spent time getting to know their cultures better.

With this background, LECPA is launching a cultural-awareness campaign "Happiness in multiculturalism”, with the aim of reaching out to more communities resided in Macao, generating deeper conversations and mutual understanding between communities with different cultural backgrounds.


The campaign is planned to include the following parts:

Part 1. Interview Stories  (< click to find out the interview stories)

Each month, we will share a story of migrant workers. We hope to show you what Macao is like from their perspectives and how they integrate their own cultures in Macao!

Part 2. Workshops

Workshops will be organized in a casual environment, with different cultural topics that allow participants to discuss stereotypes, interesting facts, and their own experience. We hope to create the conditions for cultures to freely interact in a mutually beneficial manner.

Part 3. Cultural events

Cultural events will either be proposed by members of different communities or us, and in the form of sport game, food demonstration, restaurants hopping, etc.

Part 4. Intercultural Walk

Led by members of different communities, Intercultural Walks take Macao residents with different cultural backgrounds to visit each other’s communities, for deeper cultural exchanges.

​Our first Intercultural Walk - Pinoy Street was held successfully in June 26th, 2021, 

with the help of our Filipino friends Acyl, Hazhel, Luisa & Kazumi from Filipino Community Alliance in Macau. 

We gathered at Nam Van Lake for warming up sessions, including learning how to greet in Tagalog. Then our Filipino friends led us to Pinoy Street - where a lot of Filipino merchandises are located. Our boodle-fight style dinner with the performance by a Filipino band was a great ending to the walk. 

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