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Meet The Team



President & Co-founder

A graduate of Beijing Language & Culture University, the University of Manchester and the University of Edinburgh, Wawa has an academic background in Linguistics and Social Sciences. After graduation, she spent 6 months volunteering in Kenya, Tanzania & South Africa and further completed a traineeship with UNESCO in Cameroon. Her experience in Sub-Saharan Africa has cultivated her goal in improving people’s lives wherever she is. Wawa has developed a culturally diverse mindset that she hopes she could motivate more people to care for global matters.

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Co-founder & General Manager

After graduating from the University of Macau with a degree in Law, Kathy further pursued her studies in Portugal and Spain. Later, she completed a traineeship with the Culture sector of UNESCO in Peru. Her precious memories and encounters when touring around the world will accompany her for life, and also make her reflect a lot on the power of cultures. Culture being a link between human beings and the world, Kathy pushes for "harmony in diversity" and the development of cultural industry in local society.

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Co-founder & Communication Manager

After graduating from the University of Toronto with a degree in Communications and Visual Arts, Lisa completed a traineeship with UNESCO in Peru. Inspired by her travels and her background growing up in Honduras, she wanted to bring in a different perspective to Macao.

Along with the LECPA team she hopes to share with the community the diverse cultures and languages that surrounds Macao.

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