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Youth programs

We design workshops to help participants of all ages identify, reflect, and appreciate the cultural differences among communities, and to enhance intercultural communication skills.

In 2024, with the funding support from the Education and Youth Development Bureau of the Macao SAR Government, we launched our first youth exchange program.


In order to promote exchanges and connections between young people from Hong Kong and Macao, deepen the recognition of own culture, improve cross-cultural communication skills, and explore the multicultural integration in the communities, Macau Language Exchange and Cultural Promotion Association (LECPA) and AYF - Asia Pacific Youth Development Foundation jointly organize the "Hong Kong and Macao Community Cultural Ambassador Exchange Program", harnessing the rich multicultural resources of the two cities to provide exchange opportunities and develop relevant skills for young people in both cities .

Program includes:
- 3 in-person workshops (7 hours in total)
- 1 online exchange (2 hours)
- full-day visiting Hong Kong (full day)
- full-day showing Hong Kong youths about Macao

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