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Themes of October


Join us in celebrating our 3rd anniversary! 

From organizing weekly meetups that bring people of different cultural backgrounds together in 2018, to developing our passion in cultural education, cultural-awareness campaign and global citizenship, we are grateful for all the support we have received so far! Thank you!

This month, we will be celebrating our anniversary with the following trio of activities:

1. We have designed a workshop for participants to trace the glory of incense industry in Old Macao, and learn how to cultivate new thinking in inheriting traditional culture;

2. We will help build a close-knit community with our new partner, and co-organize an outdoor international potluck party that bring people with different cultural backgrounds together;

3. We formally call for team members/cultural ambassadors to join us in implementing targeted cultural projects!

Events may be postponed according to the development of the pandemic, so please check our pages for any updates!

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