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To join LECPA in building a more inclusive society full of global citizens, you could sign up to become a member of us or collaborate with us to co-organize events for wider public. If you want to share a part of your culture, we welcome you to host cultural sessions too!


For all the events we have organised so far, we have rely on our participants' support and did it at our own expenses. We would really appreciate if you would like to volunteer at our events, or simply make a small donation

Become a member

Our regular meetups are free-of-charge, plus no registration needed!

However, with membership, you could enjoy discounts on our special events/ cultural events.

Sometimes, there are events we only open for members too!

If you are interested in becoming a member of LECPA, please fill in the following form: 

Collaborate with LECPA

We welcome any associations/communities to become our collaborators!

(click here to find out our past events collaborated with other entities)

If you have any ideas, please feel free to email us: or drop us a message on IG: languageexchangemacau / FB: MacauLCE .


We will get back to you ASAP!

Host cultural sessions

We welcome anyone who wants to host a session at our regular meetups to promote cultures of their own countries. In the past, we had a participants who hosted a Portuguese sausage and cheese session, a Japanese participant hosted a Sake tasting session and a Brazilian participant hosted a brigadeiro workshop at our regular meetups! (click here to find out some of cultural sessions hosted by our participants)


If you have any ideas, please feel free to email us or drop us a message on IG: languageexchangemacau / FB: MacauLCE.


Any ideas are welcomed, and it’s not necessary to do it during our regular meetups!


Join us to promote different cultures to a wider public!

We sometimes need volunteers to help out at our events.

If you are interested, please send your name and contact info to or drop us a message on IG: languageexchangemacau / FB: MacauLCE.


We will contact you when there are any volunteering opportunities!


We are a NGO with no regular subsidies from any entities. 

So far, we have organized events with the support of participants and at our own expenses. 

With any possible donation, we believe we could scale up our work and create more positive influence!

Every donation, big or small, is much appreciated! Thank you for your generosity!

(ps. please open the BoC / MPay applications to scan the QR code below)



Bank of China account number: 00185000006775695


Account name: 澳門語言交流暨文化推廣協會 (LECPA in Chinese)

or MPay to +853 65314370

become a member
collaborate with LECPA
host cultural sessions
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