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We help build an inclusive society through the exchange of languages and cultures around the world.

What we value

Known as the Macau Language and Culture Exchange group, we organized our first weekly event in October 11th, 2018.

After gaining participants’ support for a year, we officially establish Language Exchange & Culture Promotion Association (LECPA).

LECPA aims at promoting the exchange of languages and cultures around the globe.

We promote the study of different languages, because it could not only be a significant advantage of advancing one's career, but a gateway to understand one's cultures better.


At the same time, we organize cultural events to promote our cultures to wider public, and to empower the underprivileged in particular migrant workers and ethnic minorities to uphold diversity in cultural development. 

We believe that cultural differences should not separate us from each other. Cultural diversity brings a collective strength that can benefit all of humanity.

​To cultivate the basic ability of "cultural learning and international understanding", we hope to stimulate locals' love for their homelands, cultivate their cultural empathy, and expand their international horizons.


We hope to eliminate the unfair stereotypes towards people with different cultural backgrounds, by creating a platform for participants to better understand each other and build friendships. “Harmony in Diversity”, is the value we are trying to promote.

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Our events

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Traditional Cultural Heritage Promotion series

Language Learning Promotion & Language Preservation series

Multicultural Integration Promotion series

Discussion series on cultural and social issues

So far, we have attracted participants from 48 countries:

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Our Valuable Partners &Collaborators

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